Saturday, April 21

We have a name!!!

Well, after much deliberation, we have finally agreed on a name for our daughter! Everyone keeps asking if we've come up with one, so we're letting you know that we have. However, it's going to stay a surprise until she gets here! :) I told you, we wanted to have some surprises this time around! Maybe if someone guesses the name, we might tell you if you're right...maybe! ;-) I'm going back for another ultrasound this Friday to determine the position of the placenta. Depending on what they say, we'll know whether she's going to come naturally or by c-section. We should have some more pictures then too, so just another week and we'll have some more answers.


The Aaron Hanke Family said...

I'll take a crack at it...
My three guesses are, Abigail, Julia, and Hannah. Am I close?!?

I hope you are able to deliver naturally, we'll be praying for you.

The Fallin "Four" said...

Hmm, you might be close, you might be way off - too soon to say! :) Thanks for guessing!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess, Sarah, Diana, Emma or Barbara. I'm guess throwing out some names for the fun of it. I'm usually not good at guessing.

Aunt Pam :)

The Fallin "Four" said...

Those are some good ones too...maybe we picked one of them??? :)) he he

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