Thursday, December 28

Christmas part 2

We arrived in Lakeland Christmas Eve afternoon, just in time for dinner - chicken tetrazzini - yum!!! William ate it right up, after all, he is a noodle guy! We had a good time hanging out that night with Jonathan's family and catching up with those we hadn't seen in a while. The next morning we had a special message for everyone that William was wearing on his shirt. It took about half an hour for someone to actually read it! :)

We ate some breakfast and then started opening gifts - and there were lots of them! William was not interested in anything to do with presents, he was off wandering through the house so Daddy and Mommy opened his things.

This one wasn't wrapped plus it had wheels, so it kept him interested for a bit...

William is checking out Santa!

I tried to make as many gifts as possible this year. I made Katie this gator blanket - I think she liked it.

This was the cross-stitch I made for Ed & Gail.

The Fallin, minus the in-laws and out-laws!

William helped himself to the turkey! Yum!!

And the newest cousin of the family came to meet everyone - little Charles! What a little cutie! His Daddy was pretty tired! :)
And what did William do once we got home...sleep in heavenly peace!


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