Thursday, December 28

Christmas pics - part 1

Well, I'm a little behind, but at least I'm gonna get our pictures up before the new year! We had one busy Christmas this year. We started out celebrating at home, exchanging our own gifts to each other. It would have been even better if Jonathan hadn't opened his "big present" upstairs where I couldn't see! Ahh, I sent him upstairs to find where it was hiding and he got so excited he opened it right there. At least he yelled "Thank you!!"

That was Saturday afternoon after Jon got home from work. Then we headed out to mom and dad's for Christmas with them and Dave and Holley. It's a tradition of ours to open 1 present on Christmas Eve, and this year Dave and I received some very special things. Of course, Dad made us sit there with our eyes closed to heighten the anticipation and surprise! It was just like when we were little kids waiting to get our new bikes! Well, this year I had my child sitting on my lap, so it was a little different! :) Anyway, we got some special presents from my grandma's house; I got her Kitchen Aid mixer (which I've wanted forever) and Dave got a painting of my grandpa's Michigan State Police gear. That picture has had a place of prominence in my grandma's house for as long as I can remember and he got it as he's following in his grandpa's footsteps being a trooper himself. Grandma's very old and living in an assisted living place now and since her house just sold, we were able to obtain these special things.

So anyway, here are some pictures from the next morning and some others from the night before..

Ah yes, the golf stress ball that didn't last after the next day!

Oh Christmas tree! It looked so pretty at night.

I made this blanket for Dave and Holley. It has police cars and police stuff all over it.

William's rocking horse that he could have cared less about. It even sings too, it's so cute!!

More to come...later!


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