Saturday, September 30

A BIG step for William

Since William has been "walking" he's found out that he has a whole new play place on the stairs. Every time he gets a chance, he will sneak down the hallway (or so he thinks) and get himself up on the landing. He's even made it up a few stairs on his own. But tonight we wanted to see how far he would get...well, he made it the whole way and loved every step of it! I was up ahead with the camera and daddy was behind for safety and bunny ears.

He's not so good at going down though...


The Hill family said...

Noah did the SAME thing going down the stairs. Don't worry though, he'll get it. Noah doesnt even want to crawl up or down the stairs anymore. He wants to hold my hand and be a big boy and walk up and down. Every time he goes a step, he grunts...not sure why, but it's really funny!

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