Saturday, September 30

This guy will make your day!

We've all been feeling pretty crummy lately and today was an especially bad day for me. It would have been great to stay all day in bed. Unfortunately, you can't do that when you've got a little one to take care of, so I got up and did what I had to do. And thankfully, William is just so cute that you can't help but feel better when he's around. Plus, he was a big help! He helped rearrange the bookshelf for me...

And he kept me great company while he ate breakfast...

And he did some more talking to me and daddy when he got home from work. And just look at him in those little overalls...totally adorable! Yeah, he will definitely brighten anyone's day!


The Hill family said...

Okay, the way he is standing there with his legs so far apart, is cracking me up!!! So funny!!! Oh, and the overalls are so adorable!!!

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