Monday, September 25

Caught in the rain

Yesterday afternoon, William and I ran to Walmart (along with about half of Tallahassee - you know there are two of these stores in this town, people!) Anyway, when we went in, it was a beautiful, hot, sunny day, but of course, if you've been to Florida, you know it wasn't the same when we needed to leave. It was pouring down rain! Most people were standing inside the foyer waiting for their ride to bring the car out front, but since it was just me doing the driving, I said, "Well William, looks like we're gonna get wet!"

And so we just went for it. He held on tight in the cart and I ran behind it. At first he scrunched up his face because he wasn't sure about all of the wetness everywhere, but then he started an all out giggle fest. It was hilarious! The more I ran, the more he laughed. We were drenched and unfortunately, so was all of our stuff. But eventually, we made it to the car and when we were finally all in, I turned around and got his picture...


The Hill family said...

That is so funny! I have been there many times my friend! Many times! Yikes! Noah didnt think it was funny though :-) At least your little cutie saw the humor in it all!!!!

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