Sunday, July 2

Getting back to the everyday stuff

Well, maybe everyone has found my commentary on our trip quite boring, (since there haven't been any comments for a few weeks) (and that's ok, since we had a great time regardless) so I thought I'd update you on what's been happening since we got back. William has been teething for months now, but one little tooth has finally broken the skin. It's not up all the way yet, but it's definitely out there! I tried to get a picture of it and this is the best I could do. If you zoom in, you can see it! He's also finally figured out how to get his Tigger bouncer really going, but it tires him out pretty quickly. He actually fell asleep in it! And he's growing like a weed, getting cuter by the day, but that also means that he's definitely hit the age where only mommy can make him happy. (see below)

Today was his first experience with the church nursery. We went to go check it out, even though we weren't intending on him staying. However, there was a really nice lady who showed us around and did well with him, so we thought, "Well, we'll give it a try." So, after a few instructions and some tears on my part, we made our way up to the service. We made it through 2 songs and then during the prayer, Jonathan nudged me to see that our # was up. So, I made my way down from the balcony, to the downstairs where all of the children's stuff is where I met a guy who said, "Just follow the screaming!" And there he was, tears streaming, sweaty head, blotchy faced waiting for my arrival. I felt terrible for the ladies who were trying their best not to call me down; I know how nerve-wracking his fussing can be. Once I picked him up though, he stopped crying. After a few minutes, once he had calmed down, I tried giving him back, but that wasn't going to work, so we went back to our usual spot in the cry room. We'll give the nursery another try next week...


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