Wednesday, July 5

Hairballs and Cell Phones

William found a new way to sit almost on his own and since he was on the floor, Buster decided to come in for a closer look. William LOVES Buster and lucky for William, Buster's very laid back and gentle. Buster sat there while William "pet" him (pulled his hair out.) When Buster had enough, he walked away, but William was left with handfuls of hair, which of course, went straight into his mouth. He started spitting and going "puhh" (however you spell that) trying to get the Buster hair out. I reached into his mouth and pulled out a wad of hair and finally got it all off of his wet hands. It was the funniest thing watching him try to spit this hairball out!

And he got a new toy - a play cell phone. He loves to push buttons (he has his very own remote control too) so this seemed like the perfect thing, other than it talks and makes noise CONSTANTLY! I wish I could get the battery out of it! Anyway, it made so much noise in the bag, on the way home, that I seriously considered taking it back and not giving it to him. It was probably the fact that I hate returning things which made me say, "What the heck!" this morning; so I washed it off and gave it to him. (The battery will wear out eventually...I hope!!) He loved it.


suzanne said...

My mom and dad bought Gavin a toy cell phone one time. It wouldnt shut off either and Ryan got so bad that he would take it and put it underneath their pillows when we came over to visit. It became this huge joke and my dad ended up hiding it in our van and it annoyed us forever. we had a hard time finding it and finally threw it away when we did. They haven't bought any more annoying toys since!

Anonymous said...

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