Thursday, June 29

A day at the Detroit Zoo

My sister, Amy, and her family came down from the U.P. to meet with us for the week. It was really good to see everyone and they were so excited to meet William! The kids just LOVED him and he was pretty fascinated by all of these new faces! Weston and Shannon were eager to hold him and feed him, and Caden just liked seeing his toys! All of them loved to give him little kisses, which was so sweet! He loves his cousins and they love him!

Anyway, Amy had made plans for all of us to go to the zoo for a day and she even bought William, Weston, and Caden matching shirts to wear. They looked so cute all dressed alike! It was a beautiful day and we saw every animal in the zoo. Mom and Dad bought all of the kids a souvenir and we even got chocolate dippin dots - yumm!! It was a great day!

Megan, Weston, William, Shannon, & Caden

The famous lion & tiger fountain.

William really got around in his stroller!


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