Thursday, June 22

Tigers Game

On Monday night, Dave, Holley, Dad, Amy, William and I went to a Tiger's game at Comerica Park. This was William's second Tiger game as he had already gone to a spring training game in Lakeland. It was kinda funny how we went to Michigan to see a game and who do you think they played...the Tampa Bay Devil Rays! Anyway, it was a lot of fun and this was my first time inside the "new" stadium. It's beautiful! They have like their own little food court with lots of choices nestled around a cool carousel. I had to have a hot dog, which was pretty tasty, but it always tastes better when dad pays for it! I paid for my own food that night and a hotdog, fries, and a water cost me $12!! Dad paid for all of our tickets though, so I really can't complain! We had great seats too - only 19 rows behind home plate. There are quite a few pictures from the game on our other site, but here are a few others. Oh, and it was a great game, the Tigers finally won in the 12th inning. We stayed until the 8th. And William was great through the whole thing. There was so much for him to see and of course, the people sitting next to us made friends with him too! :)


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