Wednesday, June 21

More stops along the way

On our way through Ohio, we stopped at one of Dad's favorite places, the United States Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. This was my 2nd time here and William's first. This place is HUGE; the picture totally doesn't do it justice, but I didn't take many pictures, because I wasn't that enthused about being there! :) The next day, once we got into Michigan, we stopped at Cabela's in Dundee. Cabela's is an outfitters and it's the biggest place like this I've ever seen. It totally beats Bass Pro, even though those stores are pretty cool too.

After that we stopped at the M-Den in Ann Arbor and bought William his first Michigan sweatshirt and onesie. I got Jonathan a t-shirt there too, but I don't think he really appreciates it, since it's not Florida. Oh well, he looks nice in maize and blue whether he likes it or not! :) We stayed that night at my Uncle Don's house in Waterford. He loved William and thinks he's the sweetest little guy! William also got to meet cousin Darryl and Tim. Uncle Donny has 2 cats and one fat dog named Harley. We love Harley and apparently Bob, one of the cats, loved mom's suitcase. He made himself right at home on it!

Later the next day we met up with Dave and Holley and drove to Sandusky to go to Cedar Point!!! Dave has more pictures from our day there, so I'll come back to that. It was quite a day!! :))


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