Saturday, April 17

And In Case You're Interested....

This is the business website of the guy in the book I mentioned in my last post.
There are so many young (and old) adults on the spectrum, who can't work at a "real" job, but still need something to occupy their time, as well as a way to make a little money. They often live in group homes and make jewelry or other hand-made items.
I don't know Jonah or his family at all, but their story really touched my heart. Jonah lives near the place where we grew up in Michigan and trust me, if we still lived there, I would buy bottled water, just so he could deliver it! Maybe if you or someone you know lives close by, you could have your water delivered by him? I know that you would be making a meaningful contribution in the life of a very special guy!


Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! Hauling bottled water is a job...

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