Tuesday, December 1

"Santa's" Little Helpers

We had 2 extra sets of hands to help us decorate the tree this year.  William is at the age now, where he actually is a help.  Abbey wants to help, but really, she usually makes more work!  However, I only added the pictures that look like she's doing something constructive! ;-)  So we had a really BIG tree to put up this year, since we are sharing Ed & Gail's 8-foot tree.  That's 4 more feet than last year!!  There were a lot of branches to cover, but I think it turned out really pretty!  The star wasn't in the same boxes as the rest of the stuff, so when I took the picture below, it's not on there.  But never fear - we have one now!  William made extra sure of it!  Or in other words, he drove Ed crazy talking about it for 2 days, that he got right into the attic and got that star down before William could say another word about it!


Anonymous said...

Such good, little helpers! They will enjoy seeing themselves in these pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

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