Thursday, December 10

Catching up

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks, around the house and when we went to see my brother.  This first picture William asked me to take.  Lately, he will do something and then call me over and tell me to take a picture!  The funniest part of this new thing of his, is that one day, he told me to take a pic, but I told him I didn't have a camera with me.  Then he picked up my phone and said, "take picture!"  Smart kid!
This is Abbey on Thanksgiving Day.  She slipped into her room quietly and fell asleep on the chair covered up like this.
This is Abbey at Dave's house, wearing Joey's Mickey ears.
I can't tell you how excited William was to go to his house.  He talked about "Joey's house" the whole way there!

Me and Saydie, outside the restaurant.  It was raining and we were standing under an overhang, hence the big wet splotch on my shirt.

And these pictures are just of Saydie being cute.



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