Monday, June 15

Not much to say, so here are some recent pictures

The kids love to ride around the house on Daddy's back.
When we're not at appointments and therapies, this is where you'll find us!
Notice Abbey is wearing her headband - that was all her!
My sister and I found some awesome deals at Lands End while I was up there and here a few of them - Abbey's new swimsuit. She was mad here, because I made her stop for a picture before she could go outside.
And here's William's new backpack, which he's very proud of, because it has his name on it. Abbey got a really cute one too, but I didn't get a picture of it. Hers is blue with butterflies and her name on it. You might notice William's face. 2 weeks in a row, he took a faceplant in the nursery. He had a fat lap, a bloody nose and scabs on his face for over 2 weeks. He looked awful and we know it hurt him. He would tell us "no touch" if we came anywhere near his face. Thankfully, he's all healed now and I have removed the infamous 'blue car' from the nursery!
And here's our little multi-tasker. This guy will play golf while doing anything he can - eating (if we let him), sitting on the potty, talking on the phone to his grandparents...which he was doing here. Maybe we should get him a bluetooth!? ;-)


Angela said...

Ha, Ha! Love that kid. He really likes to play video games!
Abbey looks so pretty with her headband. All that trying the crying has paid off!

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