Tuesday, May 19

A Few Parting Pictures and Stuff

I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to spend some time with my sister in Michigan. Since I will be away from the blog for a while, I thought I'd post a few odds and ends that have been sitting in my camera. This first picture was taken 2 nights ago when Abbey wouldn't stay in her bed and fell asleep in the hallway. I took a picture of her on my phone too and sent it to my family, who I know would appreciate it the most. See, when I was younger, I never wanted to sleep in my own bed...ever. I didn't mean to be such a twerp about it, but I know I was. Back when I was - well, I won't share how old I was - but older than Abbey...and I got out of bed one night, only to come down the hall and find that mom & dad's bedroom door was closed. So, instead of going back to my own room - which I shared with my sister - I had my pillow and blankie and laid right there in front of their door. I don't remember sleeping there all night, but I do remember dad coming out in the morning and saying how badly he felt for me! So, although there are many "Laura not sleeping in her own bed" stories, that's by far, the most memorable, which is why I had to capture this memory too! And I did move her just as soon as the picture taking was!

And Rock Band has made a come back in our house. I appreciated the quiet while everyone lost interest for a while, but it's nice that William is interested in playing another part besides the drums this time. Here he is singing the Who...very well I might add!

And here's our baby girl playing "tar!"


Collins Family said...

Rockstars in the making!!!!

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