Monday, April 6

Recent Stuff

Here are a few pictures of what's happened around the house lately.
William helped me make chocolate chip cookies. It's a new recipe and they turned out really well. I think the kids both agree they're keepers too! :)

And here are the kids in their cute aprons Aunt Pam made them. They love to play "cooking" all the time! William now puts his on any time he gets into the play food! He tells us "I cook!"

A few weeks ago, I made those coloring wallets for the kids. Well, William was using his at lunch, after church, and a friend, who we were eating with, started looking it over. She then asked if I could make one for her. It was funny because first she asked for one, then it ended up being 5 - one for each of her grand kids! I've got a lot of leftover fabric and stuff, so I'm going to make them up and sell them on etsy and anywhere else I can, for that matter! :)

So Abbey's been doing really well sleeping in her bed, once she falls asleep. Up until that magic minute is another story. This is how I found the kids the other night after I had said good night. Our little monkey had made her way up onto William's bed and pulled out the hats! I grabbed the camera and took some pictures quickly, then reprimanded her for climbing up there in the first place! (Jonathan was out of town this night.) 5 minutes later, she got back up there and put a hat on William even though he was asleep - it was so funny! After that time, I moved the hats and hopefully the temptation to climb up there! She's such a little stinker!

And this is how I found her after she had taken a crayon to her room! She looked like a clown with huge purple lips! She was pretty upset when I took her crayon away - hence the tears in the last picture!

Well, that catches everyone up a little bit. I'll have some more adventures to post here soon. We just returned last night from a weekend in Pensacola, which was great!! We had a nice time relaxing and enjoying the sun, which wasn't here in town at all last week! I don't know if we caught a bug while we were there though or what the cause is, but the kids both came home sick. I spent a good majority of last night and today doing clean up/stain removal and laundry while minding both kids since William was home from school today. Abbey's fever is down today, but she just still looks peaked. And thankfully, William has stopped throwing up, so that's a blessing. If we can just get everything from coming out his other end, then he could go back to school! I guess we'll see how the night goes.


JanMary said...

Sick kids are never fun - hope everyone feels better soon.

Love those rolled up pencil cases - very cute.

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