Tuesday, March 31

Fun Times with Cousins!

So Dave's family came up for a visit this past weekend and we had a lot of fun hanging out with them. The kids got to meet Saydie and play with Joey. William was pretty interested in Saydie and even said her name, but it came out "Saybee." It was so cute though! He especially liked playing with Joey. Everyday we heard, "Go Papa's house - see Joey." Mostly they were great friends, although there were some moments of frustration where Joey would knock over Wiliam's tower or take his crayons. We heard lots of "go away" during those moments! :) And trust me, it wasn't all Joey either, he just can't vocalize like William can!

We got the kids all dressed up to take a picture together, but it turned out just about how I expected - not very well. At least William and Abbey weren't the only ones crying! :)

Grama had hard boiled some eggs for the kids to color. Joey was very good with his little wire holder, dipping the eggs in each color carefully. Abbey, on the other hand, held tightly onto me, while she dunked eggs with her other hand! Her little hands ended up totally colored as well as her feet, after she knocked over the blue dye! She was a mess, but had a blast!

The kids love Grama's Michigan mobile!

They also have their own little set up to watch their movies at Grama's house too. Of course, they didn't stay like this for long. Each one kept moving their chair up closer to the TV!

William wanted to play ring around the rosy with me and Joey, but Joey's version isn't like ours...he just falls down as soon as you start the music!

And here are just some other cute pictures of the kids. Saydie is just the sweetest little baby! We are all so in love with that little one! We're so thankful they all came up and that we could spend some time together!


JanMary said...

Great time seems to have been had by all :)

Always a challenge getting multiple kids in the same photo!

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