Wednesday, March 4

A visit with the neighborhood animals

Getting back to the rest of our visit in Lakeland...last Saturday after the kids had napped, we planned on taking them to the neighbors just down the street, to feed their horses. The horses were out in the field, but we didn't think the people were home. So, we drove a little farther to another house where Ed had already asked if the kids could come visit their goats some time. The guy was actually out in the yard as we drove by and said come on in!

He had quite a few goats and 2 little baby ones that were just so adorable! The kids did great with them; they fed them bread and carrots. We had brought along a HUGE bag of carrots for the horses, but unfortunately, the goats didn't like them as well.

After the goats, we went back to see the chickens. It was so cute - William got to collect some eggs from the hen house! I think it sunk in that they were fragile after he dropped one. He was pretty upset about it and thought he might get in trouble. The neighbor was so kind though and said, "No worries, the chickens will end up eating it!" (Think about that one! :))

The sweet neighbors live right next to our friends, the Catanzarites, who also came out to say hi. They had their grandson, Saywer, with them that day and he came out and played with the kids for a bit. William gave him a quick little wagon ride, then he hopped in and wanted mom to pull them both! It was another beautiful day out and we had a great time thanks to the sweet people who were so kind to us and the kids!


Anonymous said...

What a great outing, Laura! It looks like William should join FFA (Future Farmers of America.)

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