Tuesday, March 3

Meeting Mackenzie

Jonathan's sister, Katie, her husband Mike, and new baby, Mackenzie arrived Friday evening about dinner time. Getting together with them was really the reason we went. Mackenzie was born 2 months early, back in November, and they missed coming to Lakeland for Christmas, so we were eager to our little niece. So anyway, Friday after dinner, we decided to take the kids to Family Fun Center. It was a little late for the kids to be out and William started melting down about 8:00, you know the time he should have been going to bed! :) Of course, he had a great time in spite of being tired. Skeeball was his favorite activity. We all know what a great arm he has, but it's still scary when he's throwing those heavy balls overhand at the game! He hasn't mastered underhanded throwing yet! :)

Abbey was into skeeball too, but as you can see, she needed to get a bit closer, to get the ball into the holes! She also liked "driving" on the race car games. We found a kid-size skeeball for William to play and he stood there for a good 5 minutes, probably blowing through $4 or $5 worth of tokens with it! Despite its small size, he still tried to get closer to get the balls in! I guess he thought since Abbey was walking on the lanes, he could climb onto the game too! We rounded out the night with William playing a shooting game and the slot machine! Jonathan put him up there because he thought William would like to push the buttons. I thought of my Grandma Betty that night. She used to love to play the slots and she would just laugh to see William "playing" them too!

The next morning, when the kids were dressed and ready for the day, we tried to get their picture taken with Mackenzie, but they wanted no part of it!

Most of our planned picture taking of the kids looked like this!

William was more interested in the blocks! He built some quite impressive towers!


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