Saturday, January 31

Today I'm thankful for...

A better organized kids' room. There are really multiple blessings here, because one, is that the kids' room doesn't feel so small and disorganized now, which is a big thing for me since I'm well, claustrophobic. Second, I got Jonathan to help me without complaining! Thirdly, the kids aren't sleeping with their heads up against the window, which has been bad since it's so cold and their window lets in a lot of cold air. And if you're wondering about the mattress up against the wall, well that would be the one that Abbey will sleep on, when she's ready. We tried her on it before, but we knew she still needed to be contained! We don't want to send it back to Mom & Dad's, since it will eventually end up back here, so we just made the best of having an extra mattress in a small house! I'm also washing all of their bedding, in case you were wondering about that too! :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good way to help keep the cold air away. Nice job!

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