Thursday, January 29

My Christmas Cactus

I have this Christmas cactus that's a bit of a late bloomer. It's more like well, an end of January cactus, but I have one single bloom on this small shoot that came from my mom and it finally opened up. I was so excited to see the gorgeous color of it, a sort of coral/red. I used to have a huge cactus that was bright pink, but I totally prefer this red one to the other. Anyhow, I know the bloom won't last long, so I wanted to get some pictures of it, and they were so pretty that I had to share. At least I know my mom will enjoy them! :)


JanMary said...

You obviously have green fingers. I have given up on buying indoor plants - they never survive, let alone bloom!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful, Laura. Sometimes late bloomers are the prettiest!


Anonymous said...

Jon's Grandma Bauder loved these plants and always had the biggest and prettiest I ever saw.

Aunt Pam :)

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