Friday, December 12

A Different Approach

We've been potty training for a while now (like since the summer) and so far, it hasn't quite sunk in for William. Some days are good, others not. So we are giving up on the Pull-ups for now and going right to big boy undies. We even attempted to watch a Pull-ups DVD on Potty training today, which I've had for some time, but it was just too much. This might be our first time doing this, but come on, we're not completely clueless!! So since William doesn't seem to recognize the difference between a diaper and a pull-up we're going to try something different altogether. I'm all set for the weekend with my treats, rubber pants, rag towels and rug cleaner. We even got Thomas undies as an extra incentive. We started tonight and he did well so far. Hopefully we'll make more progress this has to happen one of these days!

He looked so funny tonight - pant-less and wearing his Cars slippers!


Angela said...

I was told by a Mommy of 3 boys and a girl to put their underwear on then a pull up. They still feel the wetness but it saves you a clean up. They did this only when they were in the car and out and about. Good luck and I hope he gives you a nice Christmas present this year!

Anonymous said...

I thought about getting Charles some "big boy" underwear (Thomas the Train)to see if he would want to try and use the potty. I didn't though.

Good luck with William.

Aunt Pam :)

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