Sunday, August 24

Weekend Updates

Well, we made it through Fay, thankfully with no major problems.  We lost power for a while yesterday morning, so we decided to brave the elements and headed to the mall.  We got soaking wet in the process, but it was nice to get out of the dark, warm house.  Here is William with his bag (which goes with him everywhere now) and Dad's hat.  

This is our silly guy last night.  We were on the lookout for some of Abbey's binkies and he found one and tried it out.  At least he grabbed the blue one, which we forgot to return to Joey.  Sorry buddy... 
And here's our sweet girl loving on her birthday doggie.   Abbey is turning out to be a real character.  She's so smart and she's been doing so many new things lately.  She can say "hi", "bye", "done", "momma" she signs "more", she's good at stacking rings, she carries the phone around on her shoulder, she likes to read books, she puts things away when we ask William too - every day it's something new!  I love this age where they are constantly learning and you can see things just click in their little brains.  

We're working on teaching her how to use a fork and spoon.  She can stab things with her little fork, but then she takes them off with her other hand and puts them in her mouth.  This is her this morning, working on french toast.   Daddy gave her lots of syrup, so she had to wear her cap.  William had to get in on the cheese action too, of course.  


Papa said...

Now if only we can get her daddy to use a fork! He used to do the same thing. Half was to his mouth, his other hand would hijack the food and cram it into his mouth.

Love Papa

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