Thursday, August 21

Couldn't Be Prouder!

William had another great day at school!  I talked with his teacher this afternoon and she is very pleased as well.  She said it's like he's been here all along.  She said that he sat and listened to the stories, ate all of his lunch, fell right asleep, and only cried when he bumped his head getting up from the floor!  And once again, we walked into his room, put his things away, he kissed me goodbye and then he got to work!  This is such a relief and we are so thankful that he really enjoys it so far.  When we we talk to him about it, he says, "cool" for school.  It's very cute.  He got a jr. shake from Steak n' Shake today as a reward.  I would have gotten him one tomorrow afternoon, but he has a short week since they have a tropical storm day tomorrow!  

Abbey has been enjoying having full run of the house as well.  She stays very busy and plays wonderfully by herself.  She's gone with me to the store both mornings and sat contently in her car seat while we waited to pick up brother today.  I think I'm going to have to be one of those moms who gets there a half-hour early and waits for the bell, in order to get a parking space in the lot.  Otherwise, we have to park across the street and yesterday I was carrying William and pushing the stroller, in the rain!  It's a little jaunt and William is pretty tuckered out after his day.  Today I stuck Abbey in the bjorn and that was a help.  You get some pushy parents who have big kids who get impatient walking behind us on the sidewalk.  

Anyway, it's only day two and I don't know what to do with my spare time.  I've slept a little both days and still managed to run errands, feed Abbey, and have time left over.  You forget how much easier it is with only one! :)  I love going to get William though - it is just so adorable to see him sitting there with his class like a big boy!  Today he came home with a huge painting.  He's very proud of it.  Here are some pictures of Abbey enjoying her day.  

Driving her car
And William's bike
Wandering the halls
Playing with her keys, which she put into all of the door handles

And watching tv like her dad, lying on a pillow


Angela said...

I'm so glad you and William are doing well with school. Now that I have two kids at home I don't know what i would do if Charles wasn't around. It will be so much fun for Abbey to get some one on one with you. Before you know it you'll be filling those extra hours.
Good luck with T.S. Fay, I am so over it now.

Papa said...

I am really glad that things are working out so well for all of you. William, you work hard in school.

Love Papa

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