Friday, July 25

In Case You Were Wondering...

Why I haven't put up a post lately, especially with Abbey's birthday party last Saturday, well, the kids and I have been staying at Mom and Dad's since Sunday.  Jonathan picked up a bug while working in Pensacola last week.  He felt terrible all week and even missed Abbey's party.  He could barely speak as his throat was throbbing and he had fluid in his ear.  He was very weak and couldn't move around much.  He made it to Shands on Thursday to get his stents out and they readjusted some of his meds because of his sickness.  They also gave him some painkillers, which really didn't help.  

So, Saturday we celebrated Abbey's birthday, while he rested at home.  We thought he might be on the mend, by the time we got home.  However, Sunday was bad for him, so that night the kids and I went back to Mom and Dad's to let him get some more rest and to prevent us from getting what he had.  He had labs done on Tuesday and got into the nephrologist on Wednesday.  They found that his white blood cells were 0.3 and his blood sugar was 425!  His doctor ordered a private room for him at the hospital and that's where I took him Wednesday night.  Thankfully, Dave, Holley, and Joey were still in town, so they were able to help me by taking care of the kids while I took care of Jonathan.  

So, I talked to him this morning and his levels are still out of whack.  They are boosting his immune system to clear out this virus, while carefully monitoring his kidney function to prevent rejection.  He is sick because of a virus, not because he's going through rejection.  With his white blood count being at zero, any kind of bug, virus, or bacteria could literally kill him.  And he could be very sick without having the tell-tale signs of sickness, because he has no white blood cells.  So he's at TMH, the kids and I are finally home (mostly to clean house and do laundry), Dave and Holley left this morning,  and my parents are in Michigan until next Thursday.

I'm definitely ready for a rest in every area of my life; however, I'm just doing whatever it takes to keep our family running.  We will see how Jonathan does tomorrow and then we'll have a better idea when he might be able to come home.  I have a ton of pictures from the party and this past week and eventually, I'll post some of them.  


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