Thursday, July 17

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

Our little Abbey is one year old today.  I've been baking her cakes today while she and William wrestle over the push toys.  They only have like 4 of them, so there's no need to fight over them since they both could have 2 to themselves.  Oh well, most lessons in this house are learned the hard way!  We're having a party for Abbey this Saturday with friends and everything, but we're also going to do a little something tonight too.  I bought her a special present yesterday; one that she probably won't appreciate, but it's very useful anyway.  
Here she is trying it out, what do you think? :)  

Oh yes, it's a swim cap, but in her case, it's her eating cap!  Ha ha!  If you've had the pleasure of eating a meal with her, you know why we got this!  She is such a little wonder: happy, inquisitive, smart, cute, cheeky, rambunctious, tough, loving and just a joy in our lives.  
Happy Birthday baby girl!  

So we're really looking forward to her party; we've got lots of cute decorations, the kids' friends are coming over, and we're having it at Mom & Dad's house, so there will be lots of room for everybody.  Mom and I have been working on it all week, so we're hopeful it will be a good time for everyone.  Plus, we're excited that my brother and his family are coming up later Saturday afternoon, so we can celebrate Abbey and Joey's birthdays with them too.  Joey will be a year old on August 7th!  Speaking of birthdays and thinking of babies, William and Abbey will have 3 new cousins later this year and into the spring.  All 3 of my sister(s in-law) are pregnant!  Oh yes, I'm so happy that it's not me this summer! :)  Well, back to the fun part of baking - the frosting & decorating!!  


emily foraker said...

Hey Laura!

Good job in finding one. Dad and I looked for one this week when we were in Panama City. No luck...

Hope this helps cut down on the number of shampoos this girl gets!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Abbey!
The swim cap is funny, but necessary. Charles used to have that problem,not as severe. Now that his curls are gone it's not much of a problem anymore.

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