Thursday, June 12

just to set the record straight...

BOTH kids got a bath last night.  I wouldn't ever just let a dip in the pool make do, and I'm sure if you know me, you know that's true!  Well, our busy morning is over with and thank the Lord for that!  And I only had to get through it with a puffy, black eye too!  William conked me in the head last night as he was trying to settle into our bed.  Sure could have done without that, but that's the way things are going this week!   I could barely keep my eye(s) on the lady this morning; she must have wondered what was up.  

I met with our Early Steps coordinator and a rep from Leon County Schools about William's transition from the program when he's 3.   He could be eligible to go into a "pre"school setting right in our local public school starting in August.  They would start him sooner than 3 because they'd like him to start with everyone else.  His eligibility is based on another developmental evaluation they have to do yet.  It's a big step from being at home all day, so it's a big decision for us.  Thankfully, if we decide it's not the best for him now, we can get him in there in another year, since it's open to 3-5 year olds.  And he may end up not qualifying for it anyways, in which case, we'll just continue the language therapy privately.  And yes, I found out it's language therapy that he's been getting, not speech therapy.  Helps to know that there is a difference!  

Jonathan had labs drawn this morning and I'll take him to the nephrologist tomorrow afternoon.   We are hopeful to have another positive report on everything.  We also hope to figure out what's causing him some pain above his incision.  The incision's healing nicely, but something inside & above it, is sore for some reason.  We are praying that it is nothing serious.  

We are also praying for Jonathan's cousins who had sweet baby Isabella one week ago today.  She has been in the NICU for most of the first week of her life and today at noon she was in surgery for hirschsprung's disease.  HD is a condition where the colon doesn't have nerve cells towards the end of the intestines, so it can't move waste all the way out.  It just stops and backs up where the nerves stop.  There is no way to know how much of her colon is diseased until they open her up, so if you would, please pray for her right now.  Pray they can find and correct the damage and that she can have a swift and full recovery.  Please also pray for Angela and Aaron and little Charles (even though he's a big brother now), who need patience, strength, understanding, and encouragement through all of this.  You can check out Angela's blog for updates and see pictures of this sweet baby at A Bushel and a Peck.   I know they would appreciate your prayers.  


Anonymous said...

Everything went well and there isn't that much of a diseased area so we are all happy. Yes, Angela has updated her blog. We are all going to sleep better tonight!

Aunt Pam :)

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