Wednesday, June 11

crazy days

Well, William needs a bath, but I was too tired and sore to give him one last night, so I put him in the pool this morning!  Yes, I know, I'm a terrible parent.  I washed the pool out and started filling it up to warm up a bit, but he jumped right in - clothes and all.  I was surprised he didn't mind the cold water, so I took those clothes off and stuck a swimmy diaper on him and he went to town.   Daddy came out for a few minutes too and got in on the bubble action.  

Yesterday wasn't a great day for any of us and last night none of us slept very well either.  So today we're trying to make up for the last 24 hours and gear up for the next 48, which are going to be jam-packed.  Basically, we're just getting by however we can each day.  It's a good thing the kids are little right now, so hopefully they won't remember this and won't be negatively affected by it all later! The following picture is a familiar scene around our house this week!


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