Tuesday, May 6

Growing, growing growing!

We were wondering when it was going to happen and then it did...last Saturday Abbey pulled herself into a stand! It's very convenient how she seems to do big things on easily remembered days. She first crawled on Valentine's Day and Saturday was our 5-year anniversary! Jonathan missed it since he was in dialysis and she was at it again this morning, but he missed it again. I got some pictures for him, but he shouldn't fret - she'll be walking to him very soon, I'm sure. She actually took some steps holding on today and it was only her 2nd time up! Here she is in her crib -

Speaking of growing, William's doing well on his new diet. He's eating new things and I'm so thankful for that! He's always been pretty picky and of course, taking him off of his normal stuff, you worry that he'll get enough sustenance. He's proving to be quite resillient and I'm so proud of him! We made him homemade bread last night and it is SO MUCH better than that nasty pre-made stuff you can buy. He's happy to have his peanut butter sandwiches again and I'm happy we have bread he'll actually eat now! Here he is eating his GF/DF oreos - mmmm!!!

It seems he likes the filling the best! Here's Abbey drinking her bottle before bed. She was really tired, hence the hand on her head! Mmm...eggs!


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