Thursday, May 1

Can you tell the difference?

That's a rhetorical question, so you don't have to send in your answers! :) So I've been using my GF baking mixes and so far, the pancakes are a hit. Of course, they have chocolate chips in them, but hey, I'll do whatever I can do to make this stuff more palatable! And yes, he can have these chocolate chips. I'm really proud of William, as so far, he's eaten most of the new things I've given to him, with a "mmm, mmm" to boot! Actually, he dislikes the cute kiddie GF cereal the most. Go figure! And we have 3 different boxes of it! Oh well. As much as we're going to try to eat the same as William, we are going to have to pull some switcharoos on him, since this stuff is so expensive! So, basically I have the pleasure of making twice the meals now; the "real" ones for us and the GF ones for him. I have plans to make this as easy as possible, by making things ahead and freezing stuff, but it still means twice the work. It's worth it as long as he eats what he needs to and he can't tell the difference between his food and our food. No matter what, we won't buy or eat food in front of him, that he can't have either. It's a littler tougher to deal with outside situations he's in, like when everyone in nursery is having cheerios and cheezits for a snack and he can't. Or like when he goes to school one day and kids bring cupcakes and he can't eat them. We brought him his own snack last Sunday, we'll do it again this Sunday and we'll have to deal with school birthday treats when they come. He's only 2 1/2 so we have a little while to worry about that one! Anyhow, right now I just pray for strength and help to get through the day we're in and we will continue to pray that he will outrgrow these sensitivities after a while and then he can eat whatever he wants again!


Angela said...

In the nursery at church, the 3 and 4 year olds that have similar allergies take it in stride. Mom's bring their snacks or we provide another snack for them that they can have. The other kids don't really mind either. Sometimes the other kids want to eat the special snack and I think that makes the allergy kid feel good.
William will learn that he can only have certain foods and it's OK to eat different things. But there will be a transition time as always. Good luck with that and those pancakes look yummy.

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