Tuesday, March 25

Home Again, Home Again

Well, we're home and we had such a good time with Dave, Holley, and Joey. My parents came down for the weekend and it was good to see them too, especially outside of the stress and hustle of the work week. This was Jonathan's kind of vacation, the kind where you can sit around all day and do pretty much nothing. Or in his case, play Xbox 360 all day! It was great for me too, because Holley and I had babysitters, so we could go shopping! We didn't sit around the whole time though. Jonathan went into the office on Thursday, we went to the park on Friday, the beach on Saturday, and Dave's church on Sunday. We took TONS of pictures, so I won't be able to get them all on here. You can check them out on facebook, if you're really interested, but I'll put up the highlights.

The babies getting reacquainted
Uncle Dave loves Abbey
Babies on the move
I love my little Joey

Joey liked crawling over Abbey and she didn't mind.

Joey's a champion bouncer. Abbey, not so much.

Largo Park

2 flowers and a bunny

Jonathan had dialysis Saturday morning and it didn't go very well. He came home with terrible cramps, a hoarse voice, and just feeling really lousy. I had intended to go to the Tiger's game with everyone else (he wanted to stay home and play xbox), but I didn't want to leave him with the kids like that. So, we waited a while, had some lunch and then decided to take William to run around the beach. It's just down the road, but of course, he was asleep by the time we got there and it started raining once we got out of the car. Oh well, the game got rained out too, so it was just one of those days.

We had the dilemma of trying to get everyone's picture taken, but thankfully, a nice couple came by and offered to get all of us in 1 shot. Thanks people!

Saturday night, Joey was running a high fever, so Dave and Holley took him to the doctor. They came home a few hours later with the diagnosis of a double ear infection. Poor buddy. It was so sad. So Holley stayed home with Joey Easter morning, while the rest of us went to their church. It was a beautiful place and the message was really good. The kids did well in nursery too, so that was a good thing. Here are the kids in their Easter outfits.

Poor Joey didn't get to wear his new outfit.

A family picture with both kids looking at the camera and smiling is next to impossible. These are pretty good, though. :)


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