Tuesday, March 18

Heading for the Sun!

Well, tomorrow we're off to the South for some relaxation and family time over the Easter weekend. We'll be staying with my brother's family and we're thankful to see them before they move into their first home next week, which is 2 hours further south than they are now. We always have a good time with them and it will be a lot of fun to see Joey, now that he's mobile!

So, not much happening other than packing and planning for our trip. Although, yesterday I took the kids to pick up a great find on craigslist. Once I got it all cleaned up the kids went crazy with it! Abbey has recently perfected the pull up and now she can get to all of the fun stuff on her new toy. She's gotten pretty fast on her knees, especially when she's on a misison for the remote! And her newest thing is to go for anything that's hard and flat and smack her hands on it! We always know when she's reached the linoleum since you hear these little pats. She turned 8 months old yesterday and I tried to get some good pictures of her to mark the occasion, but it didn't work out like I hoped. Oh well, these are pretty cute...


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