Wednesday, February 6

All settled in

We're all enjoying our new place. Even though it's not any bigger than our last place, the layout is different so it feels like we've got more room, plus it just's comfortable, so it feels like home. William is loving the fenced-in back patio. He watches the birds, chases off the squirrels, plays with his ball, and digs in the dirt out there. He's out there a LOT! And it's so nice to have a little privacy. I can't wait until it's hot and we can put a little pool out there! Anyway, here are some new pics of the kids settling in.
He likes it too that he can be out there in his pjs!

Jonathan has shown William how to turn anything into a "gun." William loves to play guns now, sound effects and all!

Isn't his rambo bandana cute! :) I'm sure he'll appreciate it when Abbey can wear mommy's stuff one of these days instead of him!

Is she her daddy's girl or what?

Our little guitar hero!


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