Sunday, January 20

William's first fat lip

William took a dive off of the slide in the nursery this morning and busted his little lip. I was in the baby nursery when one of the workers brought him to me. He was crying and it was bleeding and he had wiped blood all over his shirt. It was so sad! We got him some ice and once he calmed down, I tried to take him back, but he decided he was going to stick with me! It was the MOPS Baby Parade during church and I only brought Abbey up there with me, since it was going to be too much taking both of them up on stage. I guess this might have been avoided if he had come with me...I'm sorry buddy! Anyhow, he's been biting and messing with it all day. He wouldn't be still for a decent picture, but this is what I got. (Thanks Angela, for getting me into this picasa thing -it's so cool! :)) And isn't that a pretty fire back there? It's been COLD up here and we're so thankful our new place has a fireplace!
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