Thursday, January 17

6 months and a move

Abigail is 6 months old today. Hard to believe time goes by so fast! She's a real talker, she's scooting all over the place, sitting up, and into everything she can get her hands on. She's even got a bottom tooth now that's broken through the gums! It's hard to say if she's developing a little extra quckly or just trying to keep up with all of us! It's probably some of both. Anyhow, we've definitely got the cutest and sweetest baby girl around! :)

So the move is underway and we'll probably be sleeping in the new place by tonight. We're doing this move in stages instead of packing it ALL into a truck at one time. This way takes a little longer, but to me, it's easier, especially with 2 little ones. We've been able to clean and put up curtains and all that stuff, so it will already feel a little more like home once we get the big stuff in. Here are a few pictures from when we were there the other night.


Angela said...

looks like a nice size living room. That fireplace will be so nice on those cold days up there.
Happy Half Birthday Abbey!

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