Sunday, January 27

Our sick kids

The kids have been quite sick this week. They've got all manner of stuff coming out of their noses as well as some terrible coughs. Between the snot and the drool, it's quite the chore keeping Abbey's face dry! They've both managed to hang onto this crud for a whole week now. It's not the easiest thing having 2 sickos at the same time, but it's better then it being strung out for weeks upon end, each of us going through it 1 at a time. So as you can imagine, they've been doing a lot of sleeping, fussing and just vegging out. These pictures show what they've been up to lately.

Abbey is so sweet. Even when she feels terrible, she'll still give you that adorable smile. And she had a bloody nose all day long this day.

Poor William has been so tired. He'll fall asleep anywhere.

Asleep in their favorite spot - Mom & Dad's bed! They've been in here quite frequently this week.

Watching William's favorite movie - Wallace & Gromit "Curse of the Were Rabbit." Jonathan and I can recite this movie verbatim - we watch it daily - somtimes twice a day!


Anonymous said...

Poor babies, and poor Mama, but that's all part of it. I remember those days and I was sick with them so that really made things wonderful.

Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

I spent the day with Angela and Charles we had a good time.

Aunt Pam :)

Josh & Annie Hill said...

I love that last picture of them watching TV together! So precious!

Laura, we are moving to Lakeland!!! Not sure where you are exactly located now, but for some reason, when I think of Lakeland, your name pops in my head. Anyway. Hope your babies are feeling better. We are moving in like a week and a half, so it's super busy!

Talk to you soon!

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