Thursday, November 8

William's 2nd birthday

It happened yesterday...William turned the big 2! He wasn't in the best of moods since he wasn't feeling well. I think the cold & hot weather gave him a bit of a cold. It was 28 degrees at 8:15 this morning, but was in the 80's 2 days ago. Anyhow, he did better after he had a nap and enjoyed getting into everything while I worked on his cake. It turned out pretty well considering I had to keep track of him, feed Abbey, change both of them, answer the know all of that fun stuff while trying to decorate it! And I had to keep making frosting, b/c I kept running out! Anyway, I knew he really wouldn't care how it looked, so that helped! :)

Mom and Dad came over after school and once Jonathan got home from his road trip, William opened his presents. His birthday celebration has been kind of spread out b/c of seeing family at different times, so he's already gotten quite a few presents. However, he got some pretty nice ones last night!

Checking out his cool new Cars desk from Grandma and Grandpa.

Looking proud!

On to the next present!

A red vest, just like the one Grandpa wears!

Thank you hug!

He was very concerned about the "fluff" in the bag and wanted to put it all in his cup.

All right, playdough!!! (Thank you Angela, Aaron & Charles! :))

Making sure he didn't miss anything else in that bag.

Trying to hold every one of his presents at the same time!

Yeah, I really like my desk!

Time for cake!!

Tasting the frosting!

Ah, forget the piece that's on my plate - I'm diving right in! It's my cake anyway! :)


Angela said...

I love the cake! I must borrow that pan for Charles' B-day a few years from now. It looks awesome. You did a really good job on it.
I'm glad William likes Play-doh. I forgot to put my warning label on it.
William: You need to ask Mommy and Daddy before you play with your play-doh.

The Fallin Four said...

Well, this cake didn't compare to your Elmo cake! That was awesome!! This is actually a 9 x 13 that you just cut. It's a lot easier to cut cake when it's not frozen though...I'll remember that next time! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the cake. You young ones are so talented! I never did anything like that for my girls, I just went to Publix.

I can see he had a good time on his birthday, a nap does wonders. Hope the Chicken Tet. turned out good. We're moving on the 28th of Nov.


Aunt Pam :)

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