Tuesday, November 13

Rolly Polly Thumbsucker?

Well, our little Abigail is a real wiggle worm. She's been turning over for a month now, but you stick her on her back, you turn your back and bam, she's on her tummy! She won't stay on her back for 2 seconds! And once she gets on her tummy, she digs her toes into the floor and pushes on her knees - she's about doing a low crawl! It doesn't do any good to put her on a blanket, because she never stays on it! Although William walked pretty early, he was a late crawler. He preferred to scootch everywhere. Conversely, I think she'll be up on those knees in no time. It shouldn't be surprising; she'll be 4 months old on Saturday!
(Don't mind the drool)

She has however, picked up on one of her brother's habits - sucking her thumb. She did it about every chance she got yesterday and today is no different. We wonder if it'll stick?


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