Tuesday, August 7

3 Weeks Later

It's hard to get a good picture of a little baby. I'd love to get a picture of Abby when she's smiling - I know it's only because of gas or something, but it's sooo cute! She usually smiles at me when I've got her in my arms though with no extra hand for a camera. :( Anyway, these are some pictures I took today. Her eyes are still blue; we're wondering if they're going to stay that way? I think it'd be great, but then again all Forakers have brown eyes, so I'd like my daughter to have them too! Her hair looks pretty red too, so hopefully that will change a bit when this first stuff falls out and new stuff comes in. William started out really dark and now he's a little blondie. Speaking of William, he certainly can be a stinker! I think he's suffering from the terrible 2's and the adjustment of a new baby sister. Poor guy. It's always the time I've got my hands full with her that he decides he should do something he knows he shouldn't. He mostly hears "no" from me now, which really gets old, but we've gotta be consistent.
It's amazing how fast time goes by even though some days seem to drag on forever...or in our case, the nights. It's awesome to think it's already been 3 weeks since Abby's birth. It's exciting that she's getting bigger and growing into her own little person.

Here are the both of them in their new stroller.


Josh & Annie Hill said...

LAURA!!!!!! I am soooooooooo sorry! I have been such a terrible friend!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Abby is beautiful! How are you guys adjusting? I can't believe you had her at home! William looks so big now that he is a big brother!! You look great! Hope everybody is doing well and getting some sleep! I've been thinking about you alot lately! Enjoy your little ones!!!!

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