Saturday, July 28

What's Happening

This is just a little bit of what we've been up to lately.

Daddy's first feeding - thanks for the break, honey!

Look at this face and those chubber cheeks. I love it!
Getting cleaned up.

Game cube on the wii with daddy.
Taking a snooze.
Big brother holding little sister. (That's chocolate on William's lips.)
William has taken to lining up his trucks. It's the funniest thing! He parked all of them in front of the closet doors too, but he moved them before I got a picture.
Who needs blocks when you can stack your trucks?


Aaron & Angela Hanke said...

I've sent you a package, USPS, unless you have a large mail box it won't fit. Expect it tomorrow or the next day. Great pictures and hope you are getting plenty of rest. Tell Jon I said Hi.

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