Tuesday, May 15

Momma's New Ride

Since William and I were and still are pretty racked up from the accident, I've been hesitant about driving in our little Corolla. We were in a big SUV for the accident, but if it had happened in the Corolla, well, this would be a different story. So, we decided to trade in our "dinky car" for a "big honker." This is what I got - I can't believe it's mine!! :)

It's a '99 Chevy Tahoe, super clean, leather interior, and it's got LOTS of room! It's obviously bigger than what we probably needed, but that space will come in handy when we add another car seat and double stroller to the mix. It's a little depressing that it's sitting at home waiting for my return though...William and I left for south Florida last night with Jonathan. My grandma died on Mother's Day and since I decided against going to the funeral in Michigan, which is tomorrow, I decided we should go hang out with some other family. So we're here at Fallins for today and we'll be going to see Dave and Holley in their new place too. After all of the craziness we've endured lately, we're looking forward to just hopefully relaxing a bit. Hopefully...


soccerkcs said...

Becoming a soccer mom with a SUV early, aren't you! Looks nice!

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