Thursday, February 8

15-month update

William had his 15-month check-up today and it was a pretty hilarious visit! He had Dr. Elzie cracking up!! William put on his "happy spaz" dance for Dr. E. He just kept dancing and jumping and laughing (his newest thing is to put his hands over his mouth when he laughs, like he's SOOO funny); daddy said he looked like a monkey! He kept it up the whole time and the doctor just thought it was the funniest thing. William is doing really well. He's 32" tall and a whopping 20 pounds, 6 oz. We don't get caught up with the percentile stuff; he's excelling in his motor skills and he's super active, so neither we, nor the doctor are concerned with his weight. He says he'd rather see an active, skinny kid than a chubber dubber one and he sees plenty of those. Oh, and we noticed that William had 2 top molars that came in on February 1st, so he's up to 10 teeth now! Dr. E says he feels the bottom molars coming in too! So, it was a good visit and now William's home doing his dance around here. If he'll keep it up once we turn on the camera, I'll put it up on here.


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