Saturday, February 3

Snow was the in the air!!

We just have to share that we actually saw snow in the air today. We didn't believe it at first and we kept watching and watching, but when we saw it melt when it hit the car, or anything else for that matter, we knew it was for real. It's been chilly lately, but today it's just outright cold, so it's the right temp for it, at least in the air. Of course it's not sticking around, but it was fun to think that it was snowing in Florida and we got to see it! This was a first snow sighting for the Fallin boys! :)


Josh & Annie Hill said...

Is it pretty cold down there? Yikes! Congrats on 16 weeks! You are not far behind me! I will be thinking about you and hearing your baby's hearbeat! Yeah!!!! I love that part of the appointment! Are you still sick at all? Thanks for asking if we need anything. I JUST went through all of Noah's old clothes and there is stuff in there with tags still!! We are pretty set with stuff, but I will let you know! Thanks friend!

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