Monday, January 15


We just wanted to let everyone know that we are STILL waiting to hear about Jonathan's possible new job. We appreciate the calls, but trust us, if there was something to tell you, we would have told you by now! Jonathan talked to the HR guy last Wednesday and he said that they would be making a decision about it toward the end of the week and that he would contact Jonathan "soon." As they say, "no news is good news", so we're trying to stay patient waiting for a call - either way. We'll let you know when we hear something!

As for the newest Fallin, my first prenatal appointment was postponed, because Jonathan was supposed to be off to watch William during that time and then he got scheduled to work, so no news there yet. I did go to the chiropractor last week for the first time. That visit was long overdue since I fractured my back (a 2nd time) 7 years ago at college. I've always had pain off and on, but I'm pretty tough so I just endured it. However, I've had some seriously bad days recently, so I bit the bullet and made a call. The doctor couldn't believe the shape I was in and that I had never gotten the proper help sooner. Basically, the whole right side of my body has been askew, which has always caused pain in lots of places, but it's much worse when I'm pregnant. So, he "cracked me up" and said I responded very well for a first timer. I went back today and got another adjustment and I can't believe how much better things are after just 2 visits! I have to admit that I was always a bit nervous about someone cracking your back, but it really works!!!

As for William, he's doing very well. Much happier than he was around Christmas. He's started eating better (most days he eats non-stop) and we've put him back on regular milk, which is a good thing. We are keeping his dairy stuff organic though, which is less processed and easier on his little tummy. He doesn't sit still for a proper picture, but here are some we've "tried" to take recently. Oh, and the rocking chair is back up again. He tried surfing on it! No falls this time, but we're not taking any chances!

Yes, he had to empty his entire toy chest to stand in it!
Mmm, my chocolate chip cookies!! (Thanks Aunt Linda!)


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