Tuesday, January 23

He got the job!

Jonathan received the call last night that we've been waiting for! He was offered the job that he's been working so hard to get. He will be the sales rep for the whole of the panhandle for a large construction supply company. It's more than just a great job; it's a new company car, a great salary, a life outside of a grocery store for Jonathan, time to go to church together, and just a new direction for our lives. 2006 wasn't a stellar year for us, but God is so faithful and we are excited about 2007 - a new job, a new 1-floor place to live (whoo hoo - no more stairs for pregnant mommy!), a new baby...so many things to be thankful for! BTW, I'll email everyone with our new house #. We're moving President's Day weekend and then Jonathan starts the following Monday.

And as always, William is into new things - literally.


Josh & Annie Hill said...


tyler said...

GO FALLINS!!!! congrats on the new job! super congrats on new baby! hip hip!!!!


The Aaron Hanke Family said...

That is such GREAT news. Congrats! and good luck moving. How are you feeling these days?

The Fallin "Four" said...

Thank you all. We're really excited about the job and the move, even though moving is always a pain. I'm doing as good as can be expected...had my first appointment today and it went really well. The ladies are great and you get so much more personal attention and care than at a doctor's office; I'm really glad I went this route.

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