Thursday, January 4

Finally getting the ball rolling...

Well, I'm past the 10-week mark in this pregnancy, which is usually when you can have your first prenatal visit, but we've been so busy lately that we hadn't given a doctor's visit much thought. However, things started to become a little more "real" as we visited the birth cottage today ( where #2 will be born. My first appointment isn't until next Friday, but we met all of the midwives and got an official tour. Yes - midwives - that's the way we're going this time. It was a pretty easy choice after the kind of stress we had in the hospital after William was born. He was an easy delivery, but the stay afterwards left much to be desired. Tallahassee Memorial has found that there are more than 70 interruptions per every 24 hours after you have a baby there. I believe that there were just as many at Lakeland Regional and let me tell you, that's the pits!! The midwives work with the hospital, so if there are any problems or complications, we'll definitely go there without hesitation and it's only 5 minutes from both the house and the birth cottage. But we're hopeful and excited to have a totally different experience this time.

I don't know if we'll be posting any ultrasound pictures this time either. We can have them done, of course, but we've decided that we want to be surprised with this one. Like I said, we are eager to have a totally different experience this time around! It'll be fun saving such a big surprise until the very end and don't worry, we can always shop for girl stuff, if need be, after she comes! :)


The Hill family said...

Good for you for wanting to be surprised....I COULD NOT STAND IT!!!!!!!! I watch that show on Discovery about the Midwives house. It looks interesting. Are you going to do the bathtub thing? Good for you. This WILL be a totally different experience for you! Congrats on the 10 week mark! You're not too sick are you?!?

The Fallin "Four" said...

Yeah, it'll be tough, but we can do it, or at least we're gonna try! :) Plus, I already have a feeling about what it is, and it'll be fun watching everyone else try to guess! I like watching "House of Babies" too, but I don't know about the tub thing yet. I don't know that I want to be all wet! This will be different for sure, but we're excited about it. I guess we'll know which way we like best after it's all done. Not too sick all day long like the last time, but I'm definitely throwing up a lot more this time. I think it's starting to stop...which is good! :)

The Hill family said...

Hope the throwing up has subsided (YUCK). I can't wait to find out it's a girl!!!!! ha ha..

I cut Noah's hair. He gets "zoned" while he's watching his shows, so that's when I did it. I just cut it with scissors and got it as even as possible. Sometimes I had to wrap my legs around him to sit still, but we both lived through it. You may want to try to put in a baby einstein video and put William on your lap and cut it. I can't remember if he likes videos or not, but that's what I did! Hope it helps!!

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