Friday, December 8


Well, it's been interesting around here over the past month. We've all been sick, mostly gotten better and now William's sick again. He can't seem to stay healthy once he gets to daycare. Since he started there nearly a month ago, he's only attended 6 days total! In addition to our constantly sick son, we had a nice surprise last Sunday morning when we realized that our 2nd car was missing. It was hard to believe that just the day before it was parked right out in front of our door and the next morning, it wasn't there! So, of course, we filed a report with the police and a claim with our insurance. This certainly made everything more difficult as it's pretty tough to get 2 people with completely different schedules to work with only 1 car! Thankfully, Tuesday morning we got a call that the car had been recovered. Apparently someone came and just took it for a joyride. Can't say the thieves were the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree as they took probably the oldest car out of our whole parking lot. It's obvious, they didn't have any taste! Basically they broke the steering column, stole our CD player, and left it behind a Winn Dixie. It doesn't look like much, but this little bit of damage is going to cost $350 to repair! (And no, it's not covered by insurance.)

But, by the middle of next week we'll have it back in better condition than before and that's great news. In other good news, Jonathan has a second interview for a sweet job, next week. He actually has to go back to Lakeland for it, and if he gets the job, he'll be training in Lakeland for the next 4-6 months. Kind of ironic huh? Anyway, as far as William is concerned, today was his last day at daycare!! Between his ailing health and the car, we decided that I need to be home with him and if I'm going to work then he needs to be there with me. So if Jonathan gets this job, I'll basically work to stay busy while he's gone and I've found a good job that is only 3 hours a day and William will be cared for by my family, so that works out well. The church where I'm at now has been so kind and accomodating, but they understand the circumstances. So, I've got another week there and then I'll start the part time job in January.

So, it's been rough lately, but hopefully things are starting to look up. I mean, you can only get so low before you HAVE to come back up...If you think of it, please pray for William's health and Jonathan's interview. We might have an answer on the job by Christmas and if it's a yes, that would be the best present we could hope for! So, hope things have been going better for all of you recently! :)


soccerkcs said...

That is crazy! I'm glad to hear that you got the car back and in relatively good shape. We just bought a new car for Jen (yesterday) and will post pictures soon!

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