Thursday, November 30

Boring Blog

Yes, you could call our blog boring lately...sorry. On the third day at my new job (the 15th) I got a call that William was running a fever. It wasn't high enough to go home so, we finished the day, but the next day we were both home as his fever had gone up. The following day was Friday and that afternoon, we took William to the doctor who found that he had an ear infection - his first ever....arghhh! Anyway, she didn't think that the ear infection was causing his high fever which topped out that night at 103.7, so that was frustrating! Anyway, so, we got through the weekend and his fever went down, but by then he was all congested and had a bad cough. So he couldn't go back and I was home again for the next 2 days. Finally on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, I went back to work since Jonathan was going to be home with William, but they gave us a short day, which was a surprise to me, so by the end of the second week, I'd worked a sum total of 4 days!

We thought things were getting better, but then on Thanksgiving, William's temp went back up, so were home the next day anyways, but then that's when I got sick. And of course, Jonathan followed suit on Saturday. So we have been a house full of sickies going on 3 weeks now! It's been awful. William's cough is lingering, but overall, he's back to his old self, which we're so thankful for. However, it's been a rough week for mom and dad. There's no rest for the weary with a little walker on the move! Jonathan took a day off from work, which he never does and I've been off all week. We got to the doctor yesterday and found that he's got a bad ear infection and I've got some strep along with the flu!

So, not the best 3 weeks we've ever had, but we're getting through it. Just the fact that I'm up and on the computer is a step in the right direction. So, sorry about the silence on the blog, but we've been a little preoccupied. :)


The Aaron Hanke Family said...

All is forgiven. Hope you all get healthy soon.

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