Sunday, November 19

Puttin' up the Tree!

We usually decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving, but we had the time, so we put up the Christmas tree today. William was VERY interested in what was happening. He tried to help, but ended up in his high chair because he wasn't very helpful. Daddy put the singing snowman and doggie on his tray and he didn't mind being up there after that. He loved that guy. Hallmark has another one of those singing guys out this year and I think we'll have to get it! :) Anyway, our tree is pretty scrawny, but we had to have a little one to fit in our first apartment and we just haven't gotten a new one. We decided we'll probably go with a real one next year, so it'll be bigger and smell good too! We also agreed that we'd have to have the fence around it for the next 2 least! :)


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